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Eye In The Sky

Eye in the Sky is an asymmetrical local co-op escape room where a VR player and a Computer player solve puzzles from different perspectives. The goal is to share information from each perspective and overcome the obstacles on a journey to the center of a post-apocalyptic robot planet.

Take up this challenge of perspectives and communication with a friend (or enemy, we won’t judge). Traverse a post-apocalyptic world from two different view points and help each other solve the puzzles that lay ahead.

The VR Player takes on the form of the “Eye”. Interacting with objects in the world from a birds eye view and guiding the “Light” to help find pieces to the puzzles they have to solve.

The PC Player will be the “Light”. A small robot, seemingly insignificant but essential for the “Eye”. Venturing into the nooks and crannies of the world where the “Eye” can’t reach, the “Light” can gather information, guide the “Eye” to hidden areas and collect vital parts of each and every puzzle.

Key features

  • Taking full use of HTC Vive’s roomscale feature – All levels are built to fit in a 2m x 2m area (If you can’t reach something it’s probably the PC players task to get there!)
  • Two ways to experience and play the game, PC or VR!
  • A large escape room experience that builds on its complexity the further you and your friends venture into it.
  • An experimental collection of single player VR puzzles separate from the main game for those times when friends just aren’t around.



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