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About Drummer Talent VR:

Drummer Talent VR is a drumming simulation VR music game. Players use their VR controllers to play on a full virtual drum kit.
In Drummer Talent VR, you choose your favorite stage from various different locations and decide which tracks to play. Before you take up the challenge of a song on Hard mode, you’d better get familiar with the rhythm of the song in its Easy mode. So far, all the music is created manually in our studio to keep the quality of gameplay the highest possible, but we may in the future also offer the player a music generating ability to create their own scores both in their own game and for other players.

Epic Scenes:

  • Pedestrian Street
  • Music Pub
  • Roadside Stage

Note: More scenes are under building and will be added in the future updates!

Cool Tracks (Most with 3 or more difficulties):

  • Hills Behind – Pop
  • To the Top – Pop
  • Grand Navy Plaza – Punk
  • Up Above – Punk
  • Well Worth the Wait – Punk
  • Hey Girl – R&B
  • Hang for Days – Punk
  • The Receiver – Rock

Note: More tracks are under making and will be added in the future updates!


This is not a real drum kit, but a drumming sim game. If you are after learning to play the drums, then its best off to learn it in real life and not VR!



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