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A-10 VR is a fresh virtual reality take on a classic sci-fi gallery shooter. Hone your sharp shooting skills in 4 game modes against a stunning outer space landscape in this arcade shooter meant for all skill levels! Fit with both global and local leaderboards.


A-10 VR combines stunning graphics with simplistic gameplay to introduce players of all ages and skill to the possibilities of virtual reality. A-10 VR has been geared towards users trying VR for the first time, although sharp shooters will be able to spend hours mastering their gun play.

A casual practice mode for those who just want to shoot and hang out in VR without having to worry about being killed (great mode for kids and non-gamers to get comfortable in VR)

Don’t let the enemies escape! Each time an enemy escapes you lose time. Try and last the longest for a high score!

Enemy targets emerge from portals. Shoot down the bomb targets to prevent them from reaching you while shooting other targets for bonus points.

New Mode! Can you stay alive in Attack Mode? Dodge incoming missiles and enemy fire while shooting down your foes before they shoot you!



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Futuretown, a Virtual Reality technology and content developer based in Taipei, Taiwan and Vancouver, Canada, was founded by Johan Yang (CEO/Co-Founder) and Justin Liebregts (CTO/Co-Founder) in 2010. The two founders met while studying 3D technology and software engineering at Simon Fraser University. Johan joined Rainmaker Visual Effects after graduation where he worked on 3D digital effects for Hollywood films while Justin pursued a career in game development at Electronic Arts. With their passion, extensive knowledge, and experience working in the films and games industry, the two founders have decided to focus their efforts on utilizing state of the art Virtual Reality technology to create experiences that have never been done before.

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