Krunoslav Cestar
Facebook Reviewer
Great environment, great equipment, great games and friendly staff ... you guys rock !!! We will come again for sure.
Abou Assay
Facebook Reviewer
This place is a Mississauga gem. My kids & I loved it from the very first visit. We plan to go there as much as we can. It offers a new trend in video gaming. I invite everyone to try once & I'm sure you'll love it like we did.
Nur Baayoun
Facebook Reviewer
My family and I went to Viral for my sister's birthday and we had such an amazing time. My parents were skeptical but they enjoyed themselves a lot more than they expected they would. My sister is already asking me to take her again. The staff is amazing and the games are. I recommend this to anyone looking for something new to do.
Nelson Dias
Google Reviewer
Incredible experience. Kids had an amazing time. Well worth the cost. Staff is super friendly. They helped out the kids by teaching instead of doing it for them. Will be returning with kids and friends.
Iliana Sergeev
Google Reviewer
Loved this place! Viral is an awesome new virtual reality arcade. It is an enwrapping experience from entering that counts - the futuristically themed and modern space with a mysterious dark vibe and bright LEDs throughout delivers the most immersive experience. With tons of games to choose from (horror, shooting, exploring etc.), there is truly something for everyone! One of the best parts of our experience was the staff with their unparalleled level of knowledge and attention to get us racing towards the adventure. Furthermore, the experience is not solitary – there are many multiplayer options to jump into with a full connectivity over headsets. Visiting Viral Arcade is a fun activity with a great team-building component!

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