Virtual Reality and Fitness

It is no mystery why people tend to avoid visiting the gym, whether it is their love for the couch or just the boring atmosphere of many gyms a lot of people just can’t find the motivation to do 30 minutes of cardio even with “Wake Me Up” blasting in their ears. Regardless, with the warm weather kicking in and the planned beach visits, many of us are striving for that picture-perfect figure.

The need to move one’s entire body to get those abs has just become more appealing with the breakthrough technology of virtual reality. Even though many virtual reality companies don't highly advertise fitness, various people report the same feeling of exhaustion after engaging in just 1 hour of gaming. Many VR games such as LightBlade, Acan’s Call, QuiVr, and much more are highly interactive and require a lot of movement to advance to different levels. The variety of games provides users with the chance to do multiple activities in a diversity of locations. Sports games also allow users to do their favorite sport which accounts for some great indoor exercise. Whether it was dodging bullets, fighting zombies or just shooting some hoops the user is expected to engage both the upper and lower body through dodging, jumping and many fast-paced moves. Not to mention that a variety of these games have multiplayer modes which allow players to push themselves to the limit by immersing them in a highly competitive atmosphere, and that’s when things begin to get real!

“I do not think I’ve ever sweat this much and enjoyed it” – Reported one of ViRal arcade’s customers.

Not only do the games allow users to move around but they also improve the user’s response time. Viral Arcade provides the users with an 8 feet x10 feet booth which is enough space for the user to move around in a game with no restraint, and once you're up and running it’s essentially impossible to stop! The user is sucked into an exercise routine without even realizing it!

“I believe that Virtual reality in our arcade will be a revolution in the fitness industry! Our technology establishes a sense of adventure in our customers that keep them playing and alleviates any feeling of exhaustion.” – Reported Director of Viral Inc., Youssef Helwa.

ViRal arcade provides its customers with a variety of games that are highly captivating and tend to keep the customer moving. It turns out, that with the right diet and a little bit of VR you’ll be rocking that summer look in no time!!