Our Soft Opening: Watching ViRal Come to Life

For months, ViRal has kept us all fully occupied between purchasing our equipment, building our theme, selecting a location, signing the lease, settling in, choosing our games, etc.. Honestly, it’s astonishing that we’re all still alive! It certainly was a handful, and at times it was definitely overwhelming!! The four of us along with various members of our team were pushing through obstacles one after the other. Our passion, love, dedication and the unmeasurable support of our family and friends were pushing us through this journey. As we were getting closer to the opening, we were watching our hard work pay off.  With last minute preparations of setting up our booths, finishing up the décor, and finally testing our entire system we were overcome with joy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard in my life! Looking at the place now I feel like it is a dream come true for all of us. This was a learning experience like no other! I’ve had to dive into topics I’ve never come across, but now that we’re here I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!”, Expressed Director of Viral Inc., Amr Abdelgawad, before their soft opening.

“The night before our soft opening was like no other, but reality only began to hit me when I was turning the key in the lock of our front door to get the arcade opened up to customers. I was completely overwhelmed with joy!” Stated Director of Viral Inc., Marwan Saadeldin the morning of the soft opening.

ViRal First Ever Customer

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any happier, we had tens of customer walking in! Many have come across us through social media and the plain expression of awe on their faces as they stepped into our arcade made all our hard work worthwhile.

“Plain expressions of “WOW” as our customers were experiencing our in-house user interface and exploring the different varieties of games that our arcade presents made me completely forget how hard it was to get here.” Stated Director of Viral Inc., Youssef Helwa.

As the day progressed, customer’s continued to walk in and deliver great and positive feedback! Some even made their next booking before they left! We were very grateful to hear people’s support and warm words of encouragement.

“We rely on our customers to give us feedback and help us improve, and our customers can definitely rely on us to give them the experience of a lifetime!” Said Director of Viral Inc., Shihab Saadeldin.