Multiplayer games

Everyone can agree that VR on its own is on a whole new level of AWESOME. No matter what it is that the person is engaged in, whether it was shooting zombies or just enjoying some scenery, VR tends to make things much cooler by default. It wasn’t until all 4 of us were in a game together that we realized that multiplayer games are a different experience on their own and that VR just got so much better! The atmosphere was very competitive, and we were loving it! Before we knew it, that multiplayer game was all we could talk about for weeks. We did not realize we were making memories at the time; we were just having fun! This is when we decided that multiplayer games were an essential addition to our game library. Our multiplayer collection consists of 7 games: Destinations, Rec Room, Blueshift, 2017 VR, Tales of Escape, CloudLands VR Minigolf, and QuiVr. The games were chosen carefully by us to ensure that our customers are given the opportunity to engage in different multiplayer media. For this reason, a variety of our games develop a sense of competition, while others would allow our customers to collaborate and work together to reach a set goal (people tend to always find a way to make things competitive regardless!!).

“Multiplayer games are a vital addition to our game collection. They allow our customers to bond, communicate and work together. We feel like family members, colleges, friends, or even strangers will love a game of multiplayer and I believe that it is essential to team building.”  Described Director of Viral Inc., Shihab Saadeldeen.

With the diverse collection of multiplayer games at ViRal arcade, our customers can engage with one another and live to tell the tale!! ViRal arcade aims to expand its multiplayer game collection in the near future.