About the owners

Before ViRal took off as being a virtual reality arcade and changed all of our lives, we were merely four engineering students that strived to get our iron rings. Being engineering students at the University of Waterloo was a full-time occupation, and with our different majors, the only thing that would bring us all together was the soccer field and a game console. We all grew fond of gaming, and with the sudden breakthrough in VR technology, we decided that ViRal was something we wanted to pursue. We noticed that virtual reality was not getting the attention it deserved. We sought to make the community see VR through our eyes, and that’s where the trip began. Our dedication and passion were pulling us through a journey full of knowledge, experience, sleepless nights and much more. Our diverse backgrounds and passion for learning were the foundations to ViRal arcade. We hope to make our customers see the world of technology through our lens and to give them an out of this world experience. “LITERALLY”!!

“I’ve always wanted to work with NASA, but till then, I think that we all deserve to see a piece of space, even If it's through an HTC Vive lens,” Reported Director of Viral Inc., Marwan Saadeldin.

We think that VR is an experience like no other! We were dedicated to taking active steps to make our customers dive into a different world.

“The movie Passengers had a plot like no other, and that’s when we decided that we had to bring this to life!” Stated Director of Viral Inc., Amr Abdelgawad.

Youssef Helwa

Youssef completed his bachelor's in Nanotechnology Engineering and is currently pursuing his Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Youssef’s energy, enthusiasm, and unmatched intelligence were key to the success of ViRal. Youssef is a great multitasker and has a great deal of experience as he is also the CEO and co-founder of NERv Technologies. His desire to learn, deep love for technology, and great leadership skills were cornerstones to the development of ViRal. Youssef is also a hardcore gamer (he is a hearthstone and FIFA master)! His love for gaming, however, cannot be matched by his love for Haribo sweets and soccer!

Amr Abdelgawad

Amr completed his bachelor's in Nanotechnology Engineering and is working towards a Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology at the University of Waterloo. Amr’s entrepreneurship skills, business expertise, and dedication define his personality. Being the CTO of NERv technologies provided Amr with excessive experience which was the core of the development of ViRal arcade. Amr is highly organized and has great social skills both of which are crucial to any start-up. He tends to spend much of his free time working out at the gym! Despite his injury, nothing was able to keep Amr away from the soccer field and he is currently coaching his team!

Marwan Saadeldin

Marwan is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo and is currently working as a mechanical design engineer at Curtiss-Wright. Marwan has a great deal of experience with respect to optimizing business operations, making him a great asset for ViRal. Marwan has a fine eye for detail and is highly artistic which were key components in both the development and design of ViRal. He has a great sense of humor (it is almost impossible to keep a straight face when he is around) and does not take competition lightly especially when it comes to the soccer field!

Shihab Saadeldin

Shihab is a Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Shihab is very idealistic, highly committed and is passionate about sharing his love for Virtual Reality all of which were driving forces for the entire team. He has great work ideas and hopes to experience the realm of entrepreneurship. Shihab is hard working and is highly committed to sharing his compassion and love for technology to the world. In his free time, Shihab tends to hit the soccer field as well!